Circle of Women Yoga

Our project offers online yoga classes to unite and empower women.  We aim to also have in-person meetings at the herb gardens in the future combining herbs and movement. 

Women play an essential (and often overlooked) role in society as individuals, caregivers, mothers, emotional & emotional regulators of the future generation. It is therefore important to give women tools to be able to better cope with these roles.  We are using yoga and herbs to enable women to cope with stress, anxiety & depression, techniques to live healthier lifestyles, to develop emotional resilience, cope with the life changes after having children or after menopause, to sleep better & develop better body image, enabling people to feel better in their own skins. This knowledge can then be passed onto their children & families.  

Classes are free for asylum seeker and refugee women and are supported by other paying women attending classes.  Refugees and asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable, under-represented and marginalised people in our society.  Please make a referral by filling out the form below.


The yoga classes were featured in the Guardian newspaper:


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