1:2:1 Nutritional Therapy consultations via zoom

After a detailed consultation you will be given a tailor-made naturopathic therapy programme. 

Examples of areas we can work with: ​

  • Women's health

  • fertility

  • periods

  • energy

  • sleep

  • skin

  • stress

  • digestion

  • immune


Your programme may include changes to your diet and eating habits, supplements, herbs, wild foods, fermented foods, lifestyle changes and movement suggestions.

Your initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour where I will take your case history, followed by an emailed PDF of your programme, supplements and recommendations.  4 weeks later we will have a half an hour review to see how you are progressing and make any changes. 

Please note as with all holistic treatments it may take some time to see improvements depending upon your body and the changes made.  I will support you through the process but encourage you to take responsibilty for your own health to ensure lasting change and all round better health.


  • Initial consultation (1 hour) + your programme + follow up (30 min) + amended programme: £75*

  • Follow up approx 30-45min consultations + emailed programme: £35* 

To book email: trossachswildapothecary@gmail.com with some details of the issue you would like to discuss.


*Does not include the cost of supplements or herbs