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Little Alchemists Club

Our monthly Little Alchemists' club aims to encourage children under 12 and their parents/guardians to get out in nature together, learn to identify edible and medicinal plants, try new foods and flavours, develop and maintain a herb garden which we will use to make our potions and lotions. We will build a plant herbarium, hear plant storytelling, meet the plants through our senses, try wild paints and dyes and other crafts. I hope that you will develop a connection to the seasons, to the plants around you and build your own medicinal potion collection.

The monthly club takes places at Harmony Fields where you can meet the resident animals.

This is a great opportunity for you and your child to get out into the countryside and reconnect with the land, spending time together rewilding and learning some new healthy skills.  

Parents take full responsibility for their child, and it is important that children check with an adult before eating anything.  We will spend time going over the safe foraging rules before we go out each month.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential.


Adults and young children who are not participating do not need to pay.  

These are outdoor events so please dress accordingly and bring a snack if you feel your child needs one.  

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