Welcome to the Little Alchemists Club family foraging, wild food and herbal medicine making page.

Do you want to learn about edible and medicinal plants? 


Do you want to get your children out into nature and encourage them to learn with you? 


Are you a home schooling family looking for some more activities?

Are you an adult looking for a sensory-based fun way to learn about plants?


The Little Alchemists Club online course will help you to get out there and meet some easy to recognise plants to start you off on your foraging journey and the foraging walks will introduce you to many edible plants.






"Now wood sorrel gets seen at 100m! Correighs loving finding all the common sorrel in the garden, we've been eating nettles in some form every day and anytime someone gets hurt they want to rub our bruise buster balm on or if we're out they search for plantain.  I most definitely did not have this knowledge at 3 or 4 years old."

The people taking the course vary from primary school age families to adults with no kids.

"My favourite parts of the foraging walk this weekend was the little boy who ran up to me looking for yarrow leaf to rub onto his sisters cut after she had fallen down; the other little boy who didn't like leafy greens but fell in love with the taste of sorrel and looked out his new treasure throughout the walk; and the little girls who suprised their parents by loving and drinking all the herbal tea they had blended.  Kids often love the chance to interact with nature, learn quickly, enjoy making their own things, getting their hands dirty and suprising you by tasting new strong tastes." 

Online Course

Rib Wort needs help he is inviting you to join him on his adventures by becoming a little Alchemist apprentice and knowledge keeper of the old ways.  He needs people just like you who will take the time to learn to speak with the plants so that you can hear and share their stories, benefits and medicines.

To learn to listen to the plants and hear what they are telling you is to enter into the web of life, to become in tune with the seasons and the magic of life that is all around us.

Each year, over the course of 6 months:  

Year 1 plants are:

  • Plantain

  • Elderflower

  • Daisy, Chamomile, and Pineappleweed

  • Bramble and Elderberry

  • Hazelnuts

  • Rosehips

Learning about the plants on your doorstep is an amazing way to get adults and children to interact and engage in the natural environment.  It empowers both adults and children to learn about looking after themselves through herbal preparations and encourages them to try new foods by experiencing wild foods.  This course is an experiential hands-on course where we encourage you as a family or individual to get out walking in your garden, park, fields, hedgerows or woodland and experience the plants through all of your senses.  By focusing on plants using all of our senses we aim to make competent, safe foragers and medicine makers who care about and are thus willing to act as stewards of the natural land where they live.

What will you get for joining:

  • Short story introducing you to the plant, their characteristics, habitat and uses

  • Audio recording of the story

  • Simple bite-sized botany, each month building on this knowledge

  • Photos of each plant

  • Colouring in pages

  • Forging video showing you the plant

  • A private facebook group with access to me and a community of other foraging families

  • Wild food recipes

  • Craft activities

  • Herbal recipes to develop your apothecary

  • Learning directly from the plant through your senses

  • Mindfulness and meditation activities

  • Downloadable, printable course booklet

  • Some of photos and activities done by group participants will be included in the following months booklet.

  • Participants will get 10% discount on live foraging walks.

  • All future updates and additions to the course will be automatically added to your course.

  • Unlimited course access.

  • Bonus: foraging videos looking at other plants that are around (in the facebook group).

You can join the course at any time as the plants will be there waiting for you throughout the seasons and years.

"The little Alchemists' Club online programme has definitely lit a fire for my girls knowledge of plants."

"Its had a real impact on my children's desire to learn about plants."

"My son loved the activities and the story."

6 months, drip fed each month

Total - £42.95 (£7.15 per month)

Issue 1: Plantain £11.95

Issue 2: Elder £11.95

Issue 3: Chamomile, daisy & pineappleweed

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